How, What, When, Where If…In Short… Here... Is where we’ve answered some of Flatlanders most asked questions. Not one is too silly or too small. We pride ourselves on providing Knowledge to power your decisions… so start let’s start here!
How Do you Get in There?

We don’t have an entrance off Route 90, so its just this easy….

If you’re headed North on Route 90, and you zoom by Flatlanders with the flow of traffic, DON’T PANIC, Turn right onto Lowson Crescent at the Lights at Ikea…. follow the Crescent around to our long Flatlanders driveway, which is clearly marked!

Headed South? If you miss the Lowson turn off at Ikea, no Problem, keep driving past our shop, and turn left at the Mercedes Dealership, Rothwell Crescent, it’ll lead you to Lowson, and our driveway!

We’ll See You when you get here!

Do You Install?

We do it better than Most!

Our crews are friendly, tidy and their workmanship is top notch! Each crew is hand selected and considered a part of our Flatlanders Family.

Flatlanders wouldn’t put people onto your project that we wouldn’t have working on our own!

After All, any product you purchase is only as good as the installation.

Do You Stock Flooring Material?

You Need it today! We Got it Today!

Flatlanders has the buying power to buy big and sell low. We keep a wide variety of products to accommodate your time sensitive schedules. Flatlanders has a real knack of knowing the Winnipeg Shopper.

Are You Open to the Public?

You Betcha! The publics is our favourite! We are a residential service orientated company.  We also do large scale commercial work, new home and insurance.

You have distance, we will travel! We service the Prairies, and cottage country, no job is too far!

Are you a family run business?

We are. Flatlanders is run by a husband and a wife and their ‘family’ of dedicated professionals, whom make up our Flatlanders team, from the warehouse to the front of house, Flatlanders IS family.

Do You Lend Out Samples?

Certainly do!

Its nearly impossible to find the perfect flooring without seeing it in your light, your space, your home.

Flooring and the store can be a bit overwhelming, lots of options and lots of selection. We find, figuring out what doesn’t work is the easiest way to finally deciding on what does! We’ll even carry them to your car for you!